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Customer Support

WVII has chosen Neofill as our credit card processor and deal voucher distributor- please contact the friendly staff at Neofill with any customer support questions you may have.

Neofill (Northeast Ohio Fulfillment Center)
650 S. Prospect Ave. Ste. 107
Hartville, OH 44632
Toll-free: 1-866-311-9806

Restaurant Inquiries

Would your restaurant or business like to participate in Half Off Dining? We'd love to hear from you; for inquiries please contact:

371 Target Industrial Circle
Bangor, ME 04496
Phone: 207.945.6457
Fax: 207.942.0511

send us an email at ""

This restaurant listing is powered by NeoFill. Take your restaurant to the next step and inquire about Neofill's half off restaurant deal vouchers now!

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